At Bisquiva, we offer our partners perfected structures and a powerful production and logistics network.

Our sound product and manufacturing expertise and our international market knowledge enable us to offer a wide range of products that can be tailored to the precise requirements of specific countries. We are proud to say that our breadth of range is unrivalled.

We offer our partners a comprehensive range of capacities:

  • more than 40 different biscuit production lines
  • 5 production sites, all equipped to the very highest standard
  • comprehensive production capacities
  • over 40% export quota to the European market
  • we supply more than 60 countries worldwide

A close level of cooperation with our trade partners enables us to maintain a seamless, very swift process and logistics structure.

All of our corporate divisions form an efficient unit: from product and range development to quality management, from packaging design to marketing, from data processing to logistics.

Exceptional distribution competence and enormous production capacity. Focused strengths which enable us to serve the domestic and international markets and fulfil all requirements.